Jaya Softwares is a result-oriented IT Solutions Company. Our approach is highly client-oriented and we take pride in the finesse and quality of our products. Our portfolio basket includes a wide range of services and solutions in the areas of business solutions, web and mobile applications and digital marketing strategies.

It is our endeavour to understand your business and its direction, the complexities of your operations, your workflow and your priorities. This way we are able to offer you innovative technology solutions that provide business value and are customized for your business needs.

Customer Commitment:
We listen to you and understand your needs. We provide you support throughout the development as well as after the delivery of the product.

We build lasting relationships with our clients through open and honest communications. We earn trust and respect through integrity in all our actions.

Continuous Improvement:
Regular training in key technologies, software engineering practices, management methods and continuous R&D keeps our team updated in meeting development challenges.

We guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security in every project. All clients' information remains strictly confidential.

High Valued Performance:
From ideation to design, delivery, maintenance and support, we stay by your side and develop our projects till you are completely satisfied.

On-time Delivery:
Given our experience, our talented programmers, testing tools, and effective project management, we can implement and deliver your projects on time.


At Jaya Softwares, we believe that the most important aspect of the IT industry is to keep adapting to the emerging technologies. We continually evaluate our own processes and methodologies and keep having regular training on newer technology products which keeps our team updated in meeting development challenges. Our team has a comprehensive skills set which comprises of several tools and technologies to develop applications most efficiently.

Skills Set

We involve a number of testing methods in our methods. The tests being: Black Box Testing, Grey Box Testing, White Box Testing, Cross Platform Testing and Cross Browser Testing.

Web Development & Programming

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Java Script, jQuery
  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Web Services


  • MS-SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS-Access

Development Tools

  • VB.Net
  • C#
  • VB
  • VC++

Reporting Tools

  • Data Reports
  • Crystal Reports
  • XSLT

Graphics and Multimedia

  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Video Editing


Jaya Softwares has been an active player in IT solutions. It has built up a knowledge base that encompasses a wide range of businesses and other domains.

Domain Expertise

The industrial experience and knowledge we have gained over the years helps us understand your requirements better. We build applications and products keeping in mind the domain specifications.

Business Applications

  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • HRD & Payroll
  • Manufacturing Workflow
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Export Management
  • Procurement Process & Purchase / Import
  • Exhibitions and Conferences
  • Stock Broking
  • Micro FinanceĀ 
  • Taxation Solutions

Web Solutions

  • Trade Portals
  • Event Portals
  • Real Estate Portals
  • On-line Shopping Cart
  • E-Gifts / E-Greetings
  • On-line Bidding
  • Corporate Websites
  • Web Business Applications

Multimedia Solutions

  • Educational Multimedia
  • Simulated Educational Illustrations


The most important question that we at Jaya Softwares ask before starting on a project is: What is the purpose of this application and why is it needed?

The answer to this question constitutes the business objectives of the project that should drive its entire lifecycle.

These business objectives drive the entire development process. The requirements and design are continuously refined while the code evolves. The project plan arranges the development into small releases and mandates continuing integration of all coded components and incremental builds. By doing so, it encourages a shared ownership of the product among business analysts, software architects, designers, programmers, and testers; this shared ownership reduces the risk of miscommunication and divergence.

Our development methodologies aim to achieve the following:

Quick feedback loop from business stakeholders to engineers back to business stakeholders.

Rapid software product conceptualization and materialization through prototyping.

Ability to refine requirements and design, and handle changes in the early phases of a product lifecycle.

Focus on getting the highest priority features and the highest risk features implemented as fast as possible.

Ability to validate pieces of design incrementally, providing continuous analysis and mitigating the risks.